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PEEK Certifications

PEEK products produced by Drake Research Ltd. are shipped with certification at no additional charge. Most grades are supplied with resin certification to MIL-P-46183 upon request.

Below is a table summarizing available grades and applicable Mil-P certifications:

Generic Description Brands Offered Specification Supported
Unfilled Natural PEEK Ketaspire KT-820 Mil-P-46183 Type I
30% Glass Fiber Reinforced PEEK Ketaspire KT-820 GF30 Mil-P-46183 Type II, Class 3
30% Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEEK Victrex 450CA30 or Ketaspire KT-820 CF30 Mil-P-46183 Type III, Class 2

PEEK resin used in our processes also meet the requirements of the following military/aerospace requirements:

- FAR25-25853B Victrex PEEK 450CA30, 381G & 450G meet the fire, smoke and toxicity standard

- FAR 25-25853B for aircraft cockpit use.

- BMS 8-317A Victrex PEEK 450CA30 can be supplied to Boeing specification

- BMS 8-317A for use in aircraft applications.

- #DMSRR 1018 Victrex PEEK 450CA30 complies with the Rolls Royce standard #DMSRR 1018.

- 75-T-2-3007-4-1 Victrex PEEK 450CA30 meets the Deutsche Aerospace/Airbus standard 75-T-2-3007-4-1.

- 299-947-362 All grades of Victrex PEEK polymer including 450CA30, 450FC30 meet Bell Helicopter specification 299-947-362.

- P6240 All grades of Victrex PEEK polymer including 450CA30, 450FC30 meet General Dynamics specification P6240.

- HS13534 Victrex PEEK 450FC30 meets Hamilton Standard (United Technologies) specification HS13534.

- Water Research Council Approval BS 6920 Report M100216/(A-D) for non-metallics in contact with water for human consumption.

PEEK also meets Underwriters Laboratories rating of UL94 V-O at 0.057 inch thickness Limiting Oxygen index of 35% as measured for a 0.13 inch thick sample.

PEEK high performance compounds have received MITI approval. This approval is required by the Japanese Government for all new chemicals and plastics to be sold in Japan. The testing includes solvent extractables and mutagenicity studies.

All Drake produced PEEK products are supplied annealed (typical minimum Tg is 143°C) resulting in tough, wear resistant parts, ideal for bearings, structural and sealing components.


Drake Research Ltd. manufactures using the latest process monitoring and control systems. Our process equipment has been designed and tailored specifically for producing PEEK consistently and efficiently. Ultrasound inspection is utilized extensively to optimize our processes and confirm product quality. Lot control is maintained through our manufacturing process to customer delivery.

Our quality system is based on ISO 9001. Drake Plastics, our parent company where products are sold and supplied from, is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Drake Research serves as an approved supplier for Drake Plastics.