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Torlon® and PEEK in Action – Aerospace

High strength Torlon and PEEK based materials offer weight reduction, wear and abrasion resistance, impact resistance and thermal isolation that other general purpose polymers cannot.

whytorlon-1 Torlon 4203 thermal isolators maintain both electrical and thermal barriers for challenging space and aircraft applications.

Torlon 7130 sector gears deliver the strength and stiffness needed to open a satellite reflector array.

Torlon 4301 blocker door bushings survive excursions to 260°C providing lubrication-free operation and very low wear rates.

Torlon 4203 screws provide high strength, EMI/RFI transparency and reduced weight vs. traditional metallic fasteners.

Injection molded 4203 sector gears move inlet guide vanes in gas turbines.

Torlon 4203 fuel and air connects machined from Seamless Tube extend the flying range of the F-16 Fighter.