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Datasheets on Machined Samples

In real life, you will almost NEVER reach the values
as listed on a data sheet.
You wonder WHY ?   Click here and learn more about it.

Our test specimen were first extruded and then machined to standard size.
The goal is to obtain non-optimized, real life data.


Torlon® 4200

Torlon® 4203

Torlon® 4301
(Bearing Grade)

Torlon® 4275
(Premium Bearing Grade)

Torlon® 4435
(Sliding Applications)

Torlon® 4645
(Lubricated Applications)

Torlon® 5030
(30% Glass Fiber)

Torlon® 5060
(60% Glass Fiber)

Torlon® 7130
(30% Carbon Fiber)


KetaSpire® KT-820NT
(Unfilled PEEK)

KetaSpire® KT-820GF30
(30% Glass Fiber)

KetaSpire® KT-820CF30
(30% Carbon Fiber)

Victrex TDS 450CA30
(30% Carbon Fiber)

Victrex TDS 450FC30
(Bearing Grade)

Victrex TDS 450FE20
(20% PTFE)

Victrex TDS HT G45
(High Temperature Polyketone)

Drake PEEK CF30
(30% Carbon Fiber)

Drake PEEK FC30
(Bearing Grade)


AvaSpire® AV-621

AvaSpire® AV-621 GF30
(30% Glass Fiber)

AvaSpire® AV-621 CF30
(30% Carbon Fiber)


Ryton® R4
(40% Glass Fiber)

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