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Life Science & Medical

Torlon® and PEEK in Action
Life Science & Medical

High modulus Torlon, PEEK and PAEK based materials offer inertness, resistance to sterilization, x-ray transparency and durability that other general purpose polymers cannot.

Life Style & Medical Torlon 4203 rollers provide long life in peristaltic pumps.

PEEK 450FC30 bearings provide lubrication-free operation for high speed electric motors used in micro surgery instruments.

Injection molded carbon-fiber PEEK rotors and stators provide inertness and strength required for HPLC.

Drillable Torlon valve seats for downhole use.

KT820 NT PEEK spacers insulate and seal electrical components in surgical electric motors.

Zeniva PEEK is machined into implantable spinal spacers.

Torlon 4275 bushings provide precision and wear resistance for prosthetics.