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Torlon Frac-Balls

Drake Plastics offers a full range of machined Torlon® frac-balls from 20 to 102 mm diameter under the Cannonball® tradename. Its high compressive strength, creep resistance and toughness are only a few of Torlon® impressive properties that make it an exceptional choice for frac-balls. Drake’s precision processing means ball to ball and lot to lot consistency. Diameter tolerances are held to within +/-.05 mm.


Why Torlon?

None Tougher…
Torlon has the combination of high strength, high toughness and unmatched heat resistance meaning it out performs all competing materials.

Torlon balls and darts can withstand seating at normal pumping velocities reducing cycle time without impact failures common with thermoset composites.

12% lower…
Torlon has a lower specific gravity and is more easily drilled out after use than metals such as aluminum and magnesium.

Aerospace roots…
From subzero to 260°C, Torlon remains the toughest and strongest of all melt processable polymers.

Chemically resistant…
Torlon is unaffected by hydrocarbons and most wellbore fluids, including H2S. Water absorption is slow resulting in almost no dimensional or mechanical change in completion tools